The shoulders are a very important part of our body, they are involved in almost all our movements and it is good to keep them in good shape, we will explain which muscles and bones from the shoulder girdle and some shoulder exercises that everyone can do without particular effort and with excellent results.

We will explain which muscles and bones from the shoulder girdle and some shoulder exercises that everyone can do without a particular effort and with excellent results now.

The shoulder is the name most used to indicate the shoulder girdle, it is the part of our body through which the upper limb is joined with the trunk, the shoulder movements are three:

The rotation of the arm via the shoulder musculature is a movement that most mammals cannot make.

Shoulder exercises: a series of workouts with excellent results


Shoulder Bones

The bones that make up the shoulder girdle are three, the scapula, the clavicle and the part closest to the trunk, the humerus.

Shoulder muscles

The muscles that make up the shoulder are several, the main ones being the most stressed in the shoulder exercises are the trapezius, the infraspinatus and the deltoid.

The other muscles that make up the shoulder are acromion, supraspinatus, large round, small round and subscapular.

Work out

In gym training, the shoulders are often placed in the background with respect to muscles such as the pectorals or biceps, which are usually the most trained to appear more muscular; not doing many shoulder exercises or not doing them at all does not only involve aesthetic imperfections but also the onset of postures that over time can lead to serious damage to the back and injuries, especially to the rotator cuff which are the set of tendons that connect the muscles of the shoulders to the bones. Neglecting shoulder exercises over time can result in impaired shoulder stability. It is a good rule of thumb in any free-body workout or one that involves the use of weights. Never neglect any muscle group for reasons of physical harmony and therefore aesthetic and general health of our body.

The mainly trained muscles are the deltoids which are divided into anterior, medial and posterior, they are muscles from synergistic functioning to other muscles and therefore always in motion, we can train these three parts of the shoulder also separately with muscle isolation exercises. The muscle fibers of the shoulders are mostly red and therefore highly resistant, so we can train them several times a week and with more repetitions, the red muscle fibers, unlike the white ones, have in fact less recovery times. The rotator cuff it is an important part of our body but particularly delicate, it is in fact an easy target of accidents of various types, we always recommend a lot of heating even with free body or with very little weight and many repetitions without any ceiling.


The most effective and well-known shoulder exercises are the following