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TRYHUTTY International Kite Festival on line

15 Тра (Сб)
до 16 Тра

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TRYHUTTY International Kite Festival on line


Hello friends!
One sky one world!
We invite you to become participants of the online event TryhuttyIKF 15-16 of may 2021.
The Kite Wings team from Mykolaiv will traditionally fly on the field near the village Trykhaty.
The festival "Ultra Fest Trykhaty 2021" has been postponed to August due to a pandemic around the world, but this does not prevent us from flying in the same sky with you.
To participate in the general broadcast, you need to provide us with information about yourself (country, city, name, team name and a minute video of your flights). We will coordinate with you the launch time during the event and show our common flights to the whole Ukraine and the world.
e-mail: tryhuttyikf@gmail.com
See you on line.

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